Saturday, October 07, 2006

File Cabinets Aren't Used To File Your Nails

I needed a place to put all the files and papers and bills. For thirteen years Rae, Jimmy's assistant had a fine tuned system. His office hummed (and it wasn't from one of those fluorescent fixtures) In cracker jack time Rae could put her hands on correspondence from 1994.

Jimmy would have been lost without her and Rae was content to carry on for me, too but in a manic moment after listening to "I Will Survive" I made a unwavering decision to take control of my own life and turn my dining room table into one huge pile of papers. One look and you know a crazy person lives here.

I knew I needed either a file cabinet or a hefty bag and yet for weeks I circled the heap too panicked and overwhelmed to do anything but yell up at Jimmy,

"How could you leave me with this mess?"

No answer. Finally, Rae came to the rescue. She came by to dive in and give me back my dining room table. She made files and piles and now I look like an organized crazy person.

And, yesterday I made a purchase that I never thought I'd make - two file cabinets. Now I have four new drawers and I'm thinking

"Oh, good, now I have extra room for sweaters."

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