Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Dream

Some mornings I have an awareness that Jimmy floated into my dream, but he hasn't played a starring role...until last night.

In my dream I'm sitting alone in a theatre. I seem to know the people on stage and suddenly Jimmy is there and he says,

"Let's go sit with the Luxury people." (Luxury is the name of a
Jimmy's company that I'm trying to sell)

I go with him and I sit down, but we're all the way to the side and it's hard to see. Everything looks out of focus, too.

That's it. I woke up. Later in the day I called my friend Mimi Scott who's an actress and a therapist figuring this is a perfect dream for her to analyze.

She said,

"You're making decisions independently that are making you feel good
rather than just going along. You're learning to trust yourself."

I think she's right. I thought about all the choices I made over this last almost year and and as hard as it is to make them alone, when I do, I feel stronger and more grown-up.

I believe if Jimmy came back tomorrow I would challenge him more. Although, I didn't in my dream...

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