Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back to Blogging

Tony Bologne Scibelli

I've missed blogging. I've missed the immediate response from readers. So, here I am...back to blogging. If anyone has an objection blame it on Alison Grambs. I ran into her last night at the Friars Club and she said,

"You MUST get back out there! While you're writing your memoir "Poor Widow Me" you can still keep your blog fresh. How lazy can you be?"

I'm assuming that was a retorical question because I sure can be lazy. Alison is the author of two must buy books, "The Smart Girl's Guide to Getting Even" and "The Man Translator" so she obviously doesn't understand the irresistible pull to leave the computer mid-sentence to tweeze her eyebrows.

It's a good bet, too that she doesn't disconnect from a thought because she hears pretzels calling to her from downstairs. Alison gets the job done and from what I can see her eyebrows are in good shape. She must leave a bowl of pretzels near her workspace.

As I write this, Tony, the new man in my life is laying at my feet...and I can tell you this - Jimmy never stooped so low. Of course, Jimmy never pooped on the carpet either, unless you count that time when he was prepping for a, wait...that was me...
Back in August my gardener GAVE me Tony - he came from an unhappy home with two huge dogs who didn't understand that he wasn't their chew toy. (Tony, not my gardener)
Since Tony was already a year and a half he had a name - Bones - Well, I couldn't live with that so since Tone and Bone rhyme I changed his name to Tony. He responded immediately. I took that as a sign that either he was gifted or he never really knew his old name.
Everyone was thrilled that I got a dog. Luckily, I kept in mind what my nephew, Roby wisely said immediately after Jimmy died. He whispered, "Remember...People mean well."
This sage advice helped me to deal with comments that otherwise might have made me feel pathetic.
1. "Good for you! Now you don't have to come home to an empty house."
2. "He sleeps with you? Sweet - On Jimmy's side of the bed?"
3. "Tony's so affectionate. You must miss that."
I have Tony for 8 months now. We recently celebrated his 2nd birthday. We had a little party for him and I invited my good friends Debbie and Henry for cake. My daughter, Jackie came and my granddaughter Skylar helped to blow out the candles since Tony doesn't have lips.
Not to keep quoting nephews, but right after Tony came to live with me I thought about how my other nephew, Chuck told me I should get a dog. But, he told me this about five years ago.
He was about 40 at the time, but he nagged me like a six year old.
"Why don't you get a dog?" he asked.
"Someday I'll get a dog" I said.
"Someday, Chuck..."
"You love dogs. You should get one."
"I know. I know. I will."
"When? When?"
Finally, his eyes opened wide as though he'd solved a big mystery and he said,
"Oh, I know, when Uncle Jimmy dies, right?"
I nodded sheepishly. So, I guess, deep down I thought he would die first. I just took it for granted it would happen 20 or 30 years from now.
So this is life...bottomline...I couldn't love Tony more and yes, he is wonderful to come home to.

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