Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It Is What It Is

Today is two years and four months since Jimmy died. When someone asks me how long it's been do I say "A little over two years" "Almost two and a half years" or "Two years and four months?" And, what do I say two weeks from now?

Or, does it matter? It is what it is. I love that expression. It covers a whole lot of situations and it's neither negative or positive. It's acceptance. I accept whatever I can't change. It is what it is. That's emotionally healthy. Isn't it? Just checking...

I recently heard a newscaster say, "BACK in 2006." If I was in a coma and just woke up I'd be worried. I'd assume the year was 2016 or more. I'd demand to see a newspaper. Stat.

I used stat because it's a hospital term. I figure I'd be in a hospital. I'm sure my kids wouldn't want me snoring and dribbling on their carpet for years. Actually, even a few minutes of that would be disturbing.

We're only half way through 2008. Is it accurate to say "BACK in 2006?" Not for me. That was two years and four months ago. And, I'm still back there a good part of each day.

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