Monday, March 30, 2009

My Widow Advice #7 Emily Post?

Dear Carol,

God forgive me - I must admit that you give me a lift and even a chuckle every now and then.

That said, your last response (#6 to Laura) was in very poor taste. She was annoyed and disgusted that all the women in her group were flirting with the one man. At first you showed much insight. You told her that perhaps it wasn't flirting that the women were doing. It was giving him attention because they yearn to pamper a man again.

This is so true in my case, but when I think of pampering I think of getting my Joe a cup of tea, not a ...a BJ. Do they even let you talk about such things on blogs?

This time you went too far.

Best Wishes,

Dear Emily,

Is your last name "Post" the etiquette expert? I chose to publish your e-mail rather than the ton of positive ones I received because I wanted to be fair and show that not everyone loved my response.

Let's be frank (Who's Frank?) Would your Joe prefer a hot cup of tea or a blow job? I know Jimmy loved Cherry Vanilla ice-cream, but if even if the spoon was to his lips and I gave him the "signal" the ice-cream would be soup abandoned in the dish.

You remind me a bit of Fanny, my mother-in-law. Her husband died over 25 years ago when she was 65 and after about 10 years she told me she had a dream, but not really a dream.

She said that her late husband "visited" her in the middle of the night to "you know what." She actually told me that she turned him away by saying, "Not tonight, Charlie."

The poor man came back for that "One more time" and she's too sleepy. Fanny hasn't see him since.

Hey, Emily, have you seen Joe, lately?