Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Widow Advice #13 I'm The Devil

Carol -

You're the DEVIL!

You granted Craig forgiveness for hating taking care of his wife? Have you ever heard of "In sickness and in health?" It's okay in your nasty world to smack your husband with his sick bell?

My husband Teddy was ill for 19 months and 6 days and I never complained. I wish he were here in any shape or form - alive.

I never wanted to be in a bereavement group because those groups are just like you - evil, selfish widows encouraging each other to just trot off into the sunset leaving their poor (yes...the sick one is poor, not the widows) husbands to suffer.

Think before you speak.

Proud Widow

Proud Widow Madeline,

Some human beings are emotionally healthy and others like you, are obviously deranged and have no clue what it means to be honest, self aware and human.

Here's a little story that I know you won't find funny.

A man is in an horrific accident and the doctor calls his wife in to discuss his condition. The doctor says,

"Your husband will be incapable of doing anything for himself for the rest of his life. You will have to wash him and feed him and change him. His heart is strong and it's likely he'll live many many years."

The wife sits in shock.

The doctor says, "Just kidding. He's dead."


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