Monday, June 08, 2009

My Widow Advice #21 Charles in Charge

Not Charles - Didn't Have a Photo of a Great Dane
Dear Carol,

I read with interest your answer to Ann, the one whose kids gave her a puppy for Christmas. I had the same situation last year. I was missing my husband.

My son gave me a Great Dane puppy. Charles has grown into a huge boy of 187 pounds. He is as gentle as he is big. He is kind and loving. And, like you and your Tony we sleep together.

I used to be on Not anymore. Charles is a lap dog in the true sense.

Satisfied Widow,


Dear Satisfied Widow Angela,
I have always been suspicious of women with really big male dogs. UGH! Am I judging?

The sub-title of this blog and my book is "Finding the New Normal." It seems you have found the new ABnormal.

I guess from now on I'd better clarify when I say I'm a dog lover.