Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bad Reviews For Cougar Response

Dear Folks, (folks? who am I? Mini Pearl?)

Several of you told me that my response yesterday to Scorpia - the 52 year old cougar was incomplete. (a mark from school that brings back memories)

I left out something very important...a health warning. I had considered it, but then I thought - hey, she's 52 - she has to know she's putting herself and her various partners at risk. 

I didn't want to insult her...although I should have realized that since she has chosen to f--k her brains out she has no brains left.

You guys, my readers, certainly are creative when voicing a complaint. BP said,

"How could you not remind her to 'put a sock on?'

Another reader used the term "getting dressed."

I was reminded that "Senior Citizens are the new face of aids" and was directed to a Aug. 2006 article from CBSNEWS which claims nearly 27% of people living with Aids in America were 50 or older. 

This is horrifying! Is 50 really considered a senior citizen???  Oh, and the Aids thing is scary, too.

My buddy, Michele LaFong a ventriloquest/comic said it best.  

"I think it's a little dangerous that you didn't address the

Out of the unmoving mouths of ventriloquests!

P.S. SPEAKING OF TAKING BACK OR CORRECTING OURSELVES- Last night on Jay Leno I watched Kayne West who acted like an asshole on Sunday's MTV awards and ruined Taylor Swift's moment - He genuinely seemed remorceful to me - You know the old saying, "It's not what you do, it's what you do NEXT."

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