Saturday, October 03, 2009

Our Profile/Our Status

We’re dating…exclusively. We’ve posted a photo or two of ‘us’ on our Facebook page. Our status is ‘widowed’ until we see that our bbbbboyfriend has chosen “in a relationship” on his.

“Wait a minute. If he’s in a relationship and it’s me, I must be in a relationship too." This is big. It’s huge. We scroll off “widowed” and stop on “single.” That’s accurate, but it’s screaming a v a i l a b l e.

Down we go to “married” and we feel like we do when we pass rows of greeting cards, “To my husband.” Thud. Those days are gone.

We find “in a relationship” and hesitate to click it. Probably next year we’ll be back to “widowed” or “single.” Is that more likely than “married?” Oh yes.

With one press of the mouse we’re off the market. We exhale and notice that all this time we’ve been holding our breath.

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