Monday, November 30, 2009

10 Stupid Things People Say to Widows - About Bereavement Groups

Since I posted the 10 Stupid Things People Say to Widows about Holidays the phone lines lit up with many more stupid things.  Wait. I'm not on the radio.  That was just an expression.  No phones were involved.

1.  "Any hot widows in your group?  Maybe I could pretend to be a widower."

2. "I can't imagine what you talk about.  Your problem's over."

3. " It's good for you to meet other widows because you have more in 
      common with them than us now."

4. "Any good looking guys?"

5.  "Can you tell if some of the women are secretly happy?"

6.  "Join a Pilates group instead. It's more upbeat."

7.  "What does everyone wear?"

8.  "The leader's been doing this for years?  Do you think she still listens?"

9.  "I'll bet the men only go to meet a lonely, horny woman."

10. "If you had died your husband wouldn't go for counseling. He'd go to   

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  1. Claudia8:36 PM

    I'm a widow of 15 years. The above is very sad. People speak and don't think first.