Tuesday, December 08, 2009

10 Stupid Things People Say to Widows About - Dating

1.  "Is he better in bed than your husband was?"  

2.    "I know it's sad that he died, but these days

      being a cougar is in!"

3.  "You're wearing that?  You're gonna have to get a

      whole new wardrobe!"

4.  "I hope this one doesn't drop dead."

5.  (from a divorcee) "At least you don't have to

     worry about running into him."

6.  "Too bad my husband is still alive.  You and I would

    have so much fun together on the prowl."

7.  "Aren't you afraid that your husband is watching you?"

8.  "Do you take down your husband's pictures when he comes over?"

9.  "What do you know about dating?  You married him right after

      high school."

10.  "Here's some advice I heard from comedian Cory Kahaney, "If you order

      lobster there's pressure to totally put out.  Order the chicken 

      so you just have to touch it." 


  1. Julie9:00 AM

    Actually, I say #4 to myself all the time.

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