Saturday, March 06, 2010

Lunch with Another Widow

Dear Carol,

   Can we have lunch?  I am loath to put in an email what is going on in my mind and heart right now.  Yes, even under a pseudonym, it is still too embarrassing. 

    I respect your opinion very much.  So far on your Blog site you have pretty much nailed it for all the comers as far as I am concerned.

   I see you mention Long Island...I am in Rockland County.  I would gladly make the trip.  Lunch is on me. Please!

   Embarrassed Barbara

Dear Embarrassed Barbara,

    I saw a cartoon in The New Yorker magazine that showed a guy on the phone looking at his calendar and it read: How does NEVER work for you?

   If you have something so weird going on that you can't write it to me in
an anonymous e-mail I'm not sure I want to be in the same restaurant with you and certainly not sitting across a table from you.

  Shoot me an e-mail. Don't want you to shoot me. 


1 comment:

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