Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks for Being Real

Dear Carol,

    I'm "Human Bob" - you posted my e-mail yesterday.  I was thrilled to see it in print, but more importantly, I was sneaky and had my friend cut and paste 
your blog site to send to my boss and various others in my office. 

    I didn't know that she also sent it to my parents. I was a little
suspicious when my father called last night to ask how I was doing!  This is a first - in four months --and maybe my entire lifetime.

    At lunch today I was surrounded by three of my co-workers offering to get me tea and just somehow the atmosphere was gentler.

   Thank you for telling the world that gay men and women are
in the same adrift boat as straight people when they lose their beloved spouse.

   I know you are prone to humor and that is why I love you too,
but this was one time that I was relieved you stayed real and weren't funny even though I'll bet you were holding it in.

   Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

Your New Friend,
Human Bob

Dear Human Bob, (as opposed to the Robot Bob?)

   Wow...that was such an immediate turn around.  I get lots
more e-mails asking for H E L P than I do people writing back
 to tell me if myadvice was H E L F U L.

   Is it a rule that gay men must write thank you notes? Is it in your DNA?  There it is - the humor you missed.  I also bit my tongue (not literally) to not dwell on the fact that your partner's name was Dick.  At first, I thought it was a joke. 

   Just a reminder - be careful what you wish for, Human that you've been elevated from "best friend" to widower. 

 If your world is anything like the over 55 communities in Floriduh all the boys in your neighborhood will be banging (on your door) with homemade casseroles hoping to snag you on the rebound.  

  Great of you to write back...

Carol - PWM