Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tony Baloney - The Love of my Life - Sorry, Jimmy (Part Three)

“Bones” became “Tony” the very first day. My friend Henry suggested “Find a name that rhymes with Bones. That would make for an easy transition.”
Bone, roam, Scone, Ton…Tony! My new roommate licked my nose. He liked it! He really liked it!

“Baloney” after Tony was a natural, like Knick Knack. Also, it softened the tough guy image. Who’d be afraid of Tony Baloney Soprano?

Tony was able to settle in to his new home quickly because I’m here on my computer most of the day. I appointed him my personal assistant because I’ve always wanted one and the price was right. He literally works for food.

He lay on my lap, slept at my feet and followed me from room to room. From what I’ve heard that’s the job description of a P.A. and he does as good a job as most.

My friends and family were surprised when I told them I got a dog. It’s not like I was talking about it. My nephew Chuck wasn't surprised. He reminded me of a conversation we had only a handful of years before Jimmy died.

“Why don’t you get a dog Aunt Carol? You love dogs.”
“Someday I’ll get a dog, Chuck.”
“When? When will you get a dog?”
“I don’t know. Someday.”
“You really should. You’d be great with a dog.”
“Yeah. I know.”
“So when are you getting one?”
Suddenly Chuck opened his eyes wide like a five year old who’s just been handed an ice-cream cone.
“Oh…I know - When Uncle Jimmy dies, right?”
“I sheepishly nodded yes.”

After we hung up I picked up Tony and a photo of Jimmy and introduced them. “Look Ton – this would have been your Daddy, but wait, not really. If he were here I wouldn’t have you.”

Then I said to Jimmy – “It’s true. I did always figure I'd get a dog after you were gone. I just thought you’d be 80.”

To be continued...(just one more time)

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