Friday, September 03, 2010

Would a group called "Man Haters" be Successful on Facebook?

“There’s a fine, fine line between love and a waste of time.” That’s a lyric from a song, from the musical Avenue Q.”  I posted this on Facebook and women thought I was starting a man hating group - and wanted to join.

Personally, I can see a group called "Men Are Annoying."  Hate is reserved for huge discressions like the time Jimmy called my new haircut "a non event."  That was mean.  I hated him for the moment...and my hair.

Those Avenue Q. lyrics jump out at me and it stirs up a pack mentality similar to what "I Will Survive" does to woman when it's played at weddings. 

 You can guarantee that at the first note even the happiest of married women growl at their husbands and leap up to join their circle of sisters on the dance floor. 

Our intensity is palatable.  We'd be smearing war paint on our faces if earlier we hadn't spent so much time getting our make-up just right. 

You'd think only at a divorce convention would women be tempted to run from table to table toppling the centerpieces into the men's laps.

What makes us women, even widows who yearn to have their 'more perfect than when he was alive' husbands back, become drum beating, crazies when a "Woman: Hear Me Roar" song comes on?  

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