Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tempting Fate

Facts you need to know before reading this.

1. Jimmy had a convertible. He’d hop in – well, maybe not ‘hop’ and shout out 
    "Oh, I love the wind in my hair!"  After 2 miles on the highway my hair   would be a rat’s nest. Guess how often we took the convertible?

3. We both loved to gamble in casinos and  9 out of 10 times I lost. He called me his anchor, but not in a good way.

4. Jimmy hated Steve Wynn and would have refused to step into his latest casino, Encore.

5. Bob is a web designer who I was going to Vegas to meet for business. There you have it...

I didn’t mean to rent a convertible. As I scrolled along the Hertz website there it was – a baby blue Volvo convertible with a beige interior. Isn’t this what I needed, a classy, yet not too obnoxious a car to pull up to the Encore?

Before I could say "Maybe I shouldn't" my finger clicked on to print out my confimation number.  I called my buddy, Connie.

"I did something" I said.

"What did you do now?"  She sounded like she was scolding a puppy.

"I rented a car for Vegas so I could drive to Bob's.  He's 40 minutes off the strip."

"Good. Very grown-up. So?"

"It's a convertible.  I rented a convertible."

Laughter was all I heard.

Finally, Connie composed herself and said,

"Oooooh. Forget about your life-long losing streak. A slot machine will probably fall on you!"

Connie may be right. Perhaps, staying at Encore was tempting fate enough.

"I can just hear the news report now" I said. "In a freak accident today a slot machine tipped over and pinned a 60 year old widow. 

As the casino workers pulled the machine off the unhurt, but dazed grandmother from Merrick, New York, she was heard to say, "Okay, Jimmy. That wasn't funny."


  1. Catherine (Widow Chick)3:51 PM

    This is HILARIOUS. Totally something I would think about. And I'm with you on the convertable. Nothing says "fun" like trying to get a brush through one, huge, painful knot!!!

  2. Yes, it is funny! Try the positive attitude. Winning at Encore would be great! How's the hair? BB,LY,me

  3. I need more information. Did you actually enjoy driving the convertible or did you keep the top up and put the AC on?

  4. Anonymous8:37 AM

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  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I am just so grateful that you are not aimlessly lost driving all over the desert in a convertible.

  6. sharon8:06 AM

    I hope it has GPS becasue being lost in the desert with bad hair would probably be bad.

  7. Anonymous3:14 PM

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