Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alternate Ending for "Keeping His Memory Alive"

Just to say that I'm writing this blog and the book "Poor Widow Me" at the same time.  It's a memoir, written from today looking back.  I'm rethinking yesterdays ending to the blog "Keeping His Memory Alive" and I wrote an alternate ending. 

Hoping you might take a moment to let me know which version you prefer and why -  either as a comment here or to my e-mail address:  or on Facebook

Thanks everyone!

As I write this I see that we may have dropped the ball on our vow to keep Jimmy’s memory alive. I know this is natural. Even at the very beginning I knew it. I remember a friend’s 90 year old mother called me a few weeks after Jimmy died and said,

“I’ve been a widow since I was 60 and there are still nights when I lay in bed watching David Letterman and I turn to my husband’s side and I say out loud, “That was a good one, right Larry?” she said.

First of all, I was amazed that at 90 she still remembered she was ever married. And, 30 years later she's chatting it up with a cold sheet and an empty pillow? Who does she think she is, Yoko Ono?

I said, “Mimi, is this supposed to make me feel better?” She laughed. I thanked her for calling and after I hung up just for my own amusement I added, “Say hello to Larry for me.”