Monday, January 24, 2011

Widows Reveal: The BEST Part of Dating

 I thought I'd start out with the positive today, and tomorrow post widows response to reasons NOT to date.  Just so you know, eleven women gave it a thumbs up and nine said, "No way." 

 In some cases, I couldn't resist commenting.  My two cents is indicated in RED Hey, I get comments here all the time, right?  

Widows Reveal: The BEST Part of Dating:

"I'm part of the couples club again."
    _Lisa, Boca Raton, Florida

"A free dinner is a free dinner."  Bitch!
   "Teri, Fort Lee, New Jersey

"My friends don't give me that 'poor Sarah' look anymore." 
      _Sarah, San Francisco, California

"Holding hands" 
        _Missy, Sugar Land, Texas 
Sweet - must be because she's from SUGAR Land.

"It makes me happy to make someone smile." 
  _Sherry, Roslyn, New York
Yuk! More sweetness...I'm at risk here to get diabetes. 

"Sex - Sex - Sex!"  Slut - Slut - Slut
   _Marilyn, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"He fixes things and I don't have to wait for my son to come by." 
  _Cheryl, Nashville, Tennessee
  Doesn't she know a handyman?  
  Doesn't she own a hammer?  
  Her son might visit more often if she didn't put him to work.
"Someone to talk about my day with."
   _Stephanie, San Diego, California

"Being held.  I miss being in a man's arms."
 _Wendy, Studio City, California

"It's hard to be that woman alone entering a room full of people."
  _Josephine, Huntington, New York

"Some of them tell me I'm pretty."    
    _Teresa, Melville, New York  
Wait, I think I know Teresa.  She's not that pretty.                                                                                    
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