Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Widows Reveal: Why I HATE to DATE

Yesterday's entry was quotes by widows who love to date. Today, we spiral down to the reasons widows HATE to DATE.  As before, my two cents will be in red.

                      Widows Reveal: Why I HATE to DATE

"How could I get naked in front of someone new? Have you seen my thighs?
  _Diane, Grand Rapids, Michigan Yes, Diane...keep 'em covered!

"I just want a friend to go dancing with.  No sex.  No man will go for that."
_ Shelly, Boston, Massachusetts  The invention of Viagra killed that...

" I could never wash another man's socks." How about his underwear?
 _Barbara, Washington D.C.

"What will my kids say?"  I want a new Daddy?
_Judy, Long Island, New York 

"I'm afraid he'll get sick and I'd be stuck taking care of him. I'll never be a nurse again!" 
_Pamela, Denver Colorado

"I still think of myself as married." 
_Caroline, Bethesda, Maryland

"F R E E D O M!" Oh, my...that was a happy marriage...
_"Debbie, Parsippany, New Jersey

"I couldn't go through losing another love."
_"Gerry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I see my friends' husbands.  I don't want one of those."
_Carol Klein, Washington, D.C.

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