Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Widows Reveal: Why I HATE to DATE

Yesterday's entry was quotes by widows who love to date. Today, we spiral down to the reasons widows HATE to DATE.  As before, my two cents will be in red.

                      Widows Reveal: Why I HATE to DATE

"How could I get naked in front of someone new? Have you seen my thighs?
  _Diane, Grand Rapids, Michigan Yes, Diane...keep 'em covered!

"I just want a friend to go dancing with.  No sex.  No man will go for that."
_ Shelly, Boston, Massachusetts  The invention of Viagra killed that...

" I could never wash another man's socks." How about his underwear?
 _Barbara, Washington D.C.

"What will my kids say?"  I want a new Daddy?
_Judy, Long Island, New York 

"I'm afraid he'll get sick and I'd be stuck taking care of him. I'll never be a nurse again!" 
_Pamela, Denver Colorado

"I still think of myself as married." 
_Caroline, Bethesda, Maryland

"F R E E D O M!" Oh, my...that was a happy marriage...
_"Debbie, Parsippany, New Jersey

"I couldn't go through losing another love."
_"Gerry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I see my friends' husbands.  I don't want one of those."
_Carol Klein, Washington, D.C.

Comments are appreciated...


  1. miniwhinne11:51 PM

    Seriously dating, no sex, smoochie smoochie, but the thigh thing and the butt and the boobs you get my drift seriously folks! So what to do? Lights out? Bag over his head? Smooching only allowed? And why oh why did they invent viagra? Socks no way, don't even cook for myself anymore! Oi Vey. Give me strength!!!!

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Hahahahaha...well, miniwhinne...if you don't write your own blog - you should!

  3. Jessica11:20 AM

    Getting naked in front of someone new?? Have you SEEN those men who are "available"? Not a lot of HOTTIES there. We all get older... One of the comments I heard (from some widows I met shortly after my husband died) was that "they all wanted just one thing". Geesh... how about facing it head-on and TALKING about it with the "new guy"? I figured that a lot of guys in my age bracket (60+) would be on Viagra, and even that would have been okay with me. However, amazingly, a lot of 'em apparently are not having to rely on that. (No, ladies, I have not been sleeping around.) My sister and I are both widows and found good guys who (like she and I) also still want an active sex life. It's part of what keeps you active, brings you closer, etc. As far as losing another love... I will face that when it comes. Do I want to lose another? Of course not.

  4. Melissa4:05 PM

    Been dating the most wonderful man for 3 months now. Got past the getting naked thing a few weeks ago. Scary to say the least! Got rip roaring drunk for liquid courage and me being a non drinker got sick as a dog in his truck on the way home. He gets me out of the truck heads me into the bathroom and shuts the door. So I bury my head in the toilet and get rid of my entire innerds! Much better after that. The uninhibited nature still remained, so I got into his bath tub and soaked for half hour. He goes out to living room turns on tv and keeps calling to me you okay? Need anything. What a sweetheart. Finally I holler back yes I need two tylenols, water, and a towel. So he brings those in and walks out. I finally dry off wrap the towel around me and head down the hallway to his bedroom. Climb into the bed and call down the hall well it's now or never! Brazen when drinking I guess. Truthfully though without the liquid courage getting naked again, having sex again would never have happened. We had a pretty fun time not as good as I had hoped for but between his meds and mine things just don't work at 60 like they used to so then we both have the mental issues to deal with is it me? Is it you? Is it us? Now what do we do? Second weekend No alcohol just me leading him down the hallway and no inhibitions at all just anticipation of will things be the same and not work like they should? And guess what? They don't! At least it is consistant. Both of us wanting to please the other with bodies not like they used to be, meds making things all wrong but still it was fun. Me I am good with it, him he feels like it is his fault and he is letting me down. Not! If he only knew just how hard it was to go from the love of my life, knowing what was what and how to get from point A to B, and now someone else who I really don't want to write out the instructions his mind would be blown. So now what? Week three I am sick yeah!! But there is next week where the whole thing will once again take place and how to move beyond that awkward stage to that comfy stage? God only knows but hopefully these feelings of inadequacy will disapate. What does it matter if things arn't like they used to be? Isn't it enough just being close again? And feeling once again as if your alive instead of only half there? Maybe this is TMI but it is also a truthfulness on my part. And I am sure I am not alone in these feelings. Thanks for listening.

  5. Almost an Eberle6:36 PM

    Because it means I have to shave my legs and groom, ahem, my lady parts on a regular basis.

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