Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Facebook Meet Ups

I had exactly three dates before Jimmy and I began to “go steady.” Each one was under fifteen years old. No one was driving me into a secluded grassy area to have his way with me and it was unlikely that a pimply, goofy teen was going to sprinkle my milkshake with Ruffies or Special K. I doubt they would have known what to do with me, anyway.

These days I’m approached on the Facebook private message board. Here’s the latest.

“Hi Hot Mama – let’s get to know each other.
      Ever been to Ontario? Come and visit.”

       Johnny the Junk

Since it is the social network I figure I should be social. I respond:

Hi Johnny the Junk,

   What a cute name! Are you in the recycling business?
   Oh, about the ‘Hot Mama’ I was a hot mama, but I’m
   way past menopause now. I used to keep my windows
   open in January. It’s a miracle my husband didn’t die
   of frostbite.

   About visiting… great idea! Tomorrow I’ll load up the
   truck with my 7 grandbabies, pack a duffle bag and zip
   up to Ontario to spend a few weeks.

   P.S. You’re not a lunatic, are you? Just checking.


  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Your workshop clip makes me rethink the idea of going to a workshop. It could actually be helpful and entertaining! You are a natural!!

  2. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Dear Guest,
    Thank you so much...so nice to hear that I am a natural...a natural what? hahaha...but glad my clip made you rethink about going to a workshop. Many are helpful and entertaining...