Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time Sensitive Material

Today I got a piece of mail that was addressed to my husband who has been deceased for five years.  On the envelope it read; 

                 "Time sensitive material."


  1. Where does these companies get their mailing lists? My husband died 5 yrs ago too, I am still receiving Life Insurance offers addressed to HIM. If the company includes a postage paid return envelope, I mark on the application "deceased" (if it is one of my good/nice days) and mail it to them in THEIR envelope...make them pay postage. :)

  2. I've been getting mail like this since my husband passed away too. Unbelievable isn't it. I received a letter from a friend of his addressed to him, and incredibly, she was here and said good-bye to him. SO, why the letter? I didn't open it, I just sent it back with, sorry he passed away 3 years ago about 2 months after you visited. He was sick and dying.

  3. Jennifer10:40 AM

    Yeah.... time sensitive... grrr

  4. Theresa3:35 AM

    Hi, Carol!
    We met last year at Camp Widow 2010 in San Diego. I ran into you and Tony scoping out the meeting rooms a day early. You gave me "A Widow Bit of Poor Widow Me: Excerpts from the Blog," which I just rediscovered while going through some papers. Thank you for the smiles and laughs and outright snorts. You are positively hilarious, but you already knew that. I wish you the best and hope you're doing well.

  5. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Hey Theresa,
    How are you? So great to hear from you...especially when you are saying such good things about me..hahahaha...hearing from you asking for money...not so good..Doing great..expanded that little booklet to a real book of 'moments'...will be at Camp Widow with it this year...are you going?

  6. Am I Truly a Widow6:22 PM

    yes, the lovely time sensitive documents. Just really makes you feel you need to rush to open it doesn't it.

  7. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I moved since my husband's death and I get mail with his name and my new address...........

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