Sunday, June 05, 2011

People Assume...


~If I look great, I feel great.

~Divorce is the same as death.

~ A loss is a loss

~The man I’m with at the movies must be my husband. Oops.

~I’m ready to date.

~ I want to date.

~ I’ll never get married again.

~ Of course, I’ll get married again.

~ I will sell the house.

~ I will never sell the house.

~ They know how I feel because their cat died.

Any others you can think of...send them along to me and I'll add 'em!   Thanks!


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    This is, just the short list?

  2. Deb Red11:35 AM

    The assumptions about us just never end....

  3. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Yup...short list...just what came to mind quickly..

  4. Anonymous5:36 PM

    So true...what about you - I know you relate to them all, but any others I didn't write?

  5. mlombardino@aol.com8:14 PM

    People assume that if were widows we're loaded from the life insurance policies, social security checks, pension plans and other such money....... little do they know 99% if the time it is not the case we are left we debt lots of debt.

  6. mishkasmom92@yahoo.com11:39 PM

    People assume that after all this time I must be "over it" now.

  7. miniwhinne3:03 PM

    The ongoing saga......Well it has happened. After meetiing my guy at the gym sauna, the weirdness of dating, reading copious amounts of books to find out all about men again, dating and of course how everything works as far as the intimate side, 7 months down that dating road we are now engaged. Never after losing my beloved Pete did I expect this to happen. Me in love again? Not me. Never going to date again, fall in love again, or get married again. How can I possibly get past the grief, depression issues, ect and have enough heart left to let someone else in? And the whole scary dating thing who wants to deal with that? But it has happened. And guess what it feels great. I still talk to Pete daily, Gary and I think my Pete must have orchestrated this whole thing becsause of how it has all come together. So we both send up our thanks to him often. I always felt that I needed to be alone and continueing to grieve to respect petes memory, but I still miss him every day and feel his prescense just as strongly as I did before Gary came into my life. But now the sadness that I felt is finally subsiding into just thinking about the good memories I have of him, I smile now when I think of him instead of disolving into a puddle and I know you all can relate to that. I am not saying there are still not those times like death anniversary, birthday, holidays that I won't once again be knocked as usual to my knees, but the day to day feelings of hopelessness and aloneness are gone and I thank God for that. Gary has had a great deal to do with that but I also believe that when I was ready to accept being single and began to embrace it, a lot of the major pain went away. Funny how that happened. I had just become content to be a single and widowed and two weeks later, I kid you not, I meet the most amazing person who is looking for a single friend to just be friends with. The best laid plasns I guess. So just wanted to once again put in my two cents worth. I wish you all peace and blessings. Melissa

  8. FuzzyBunnyFeet6:45 PM

    People assume that because I'm trying to be happy at only 4 months out, that I must not have really 'loved' loved my husband.

    People assume because my husband was sick for so many years and I was his main caregiver that I must be relieved now that he's gone and I can 'live' my life.

  9. I just came across your site. I lost my husband 3 months ago and the list above is really hitting home.