Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've Moved On

I don't even know if anyone will come to this blog anymore - who will read this?  I've directed everyone I know to my new website/ - and now it also clicks through from  But, will that stop me from talking? I go...

As you know, I started this blog just a couple of months after my husband died and here it is almost five and a half years later.  I've moved on - in so many ways.  These days I talk with new widows and I remember feeling those feelings but sometimes it's like I didn't live it...someone else did.

We hold on to what's familiar.  For me, at first it was my marriage and now it's my independence.  My new blog, "Widow Bits" will be a new direction and that feels good. It feels natural.  

Thank you for following my 'story' - Some of you were kind enough to let me know, in your own way, that you found something in it that shifted something in you.  That was the best. It never got old to hear.

Well, that's it for here - moving to a new place and hoping you'll come and visit.